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Financial planning and investment management services with you in mind

Planning for the future can be daunting. Whether you are planning for retirement, looking for investment advice or making investment and mortgage decisions or considering tax and estate planning, we can help. We can take you through your financial journey from early planning to retirement, and our range of financial planning services is designed to meet all your needs.
Our experienced team of independent financial advisers can help you tackle your finances whatever stage of life you are at. You could be new to financial planning, or experienced and looking for a new financial advisor. You may be a seasoned investor, or someone looking out for your family’s financial security.
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What we do

We’re here to help your finances grow

We offer the following financial advisory services:

Planning Advice

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Savings and
Investment Advice

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Tax Planning

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Estate Planning

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Client-centred financial planning services

We build long-lasting relationships with all our clients, regardless of the size of their portfolio. We work just as hard for clients who are new to financial planning and investment management as we do for experienced investors.

Where we do differentiate is in our recommendations for each client. No two clients are the same, therefore there is no off-the-shelf product. We like to get to know each client before we consider which approach to recommend.

This is what you can expect when you work with us:

Individual assessment
It is about you, your current financial situation and your goals and aspirations.
Risk profile assessment
Together, we determine your risk profile. This is how much risk you are prepared to accept, and where you are on your financial planning journey.
Strategy development
Using our cashflow modelling software, we make recommendations and advise on a strategy. With your approval, we put that strategy into action.
Continuous monitoring
We monitor progress to ensure the plan remains on track. We meet annually to review progress and make any changes – either due to shifts in the market or in your own circumstances.
Access to the Plutus Investment Committee
This meets regularly to review market conditions and fluctuations, and to determine the best available products and funds for you. Being independent, we have access to all financial products on the market and can choose those that will offer you the best returns.
Meet the team
I have known Ruban for 15 years and with his careful pension and tax planning, he has transformed my pension and investment plans for retirement. He knows his subject so well and is able to plan for each individual rather than the same for all of his clients. I can't praise him enough. He’s far exceeded what I expected. It has just been brilliant having Ruban there as a shepherd to my finances. I’m also very grateful to him for always responding so quickly to my contacts and being constantly pro-active in identifying ways of improving things. For example when tax rates and rules change, he identifies the best thing for me to do and arranges it for me. I genuinely sleep easier knowing my money is being looked after by him.
Mr John Bottomley