Financial planning advice with a clear process

How we do it

Our process is clear. We are here to make financial planning and investment management easy to understand and simple to put into action so that your finances are secure and can grow. We do this by working as your partner, offering advice and guidance, and by implementing your decisions. Our experienced financial advisers work to identify the right products for you, from mortgages to pensions and investments. We use tax planning and investment management to make the most of your money. We look to the future by offering estate planning advice. We keep your financial goals in sight with regular reviews of your circumstances and of market changes.
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Our process

This is what you can expect when you work with us:


We set up a meeting, either face to face, by video conferencing or phone call (your choice) to discuss your situation in more detail – free of charge. We find out about your goals and objectives, understand your assets and liabilities, and complete a fact find. We will also discuss and agree the relevant fees.


Our adviser does their research and prepares some initial thoughts and suggestions for further discussion. Following that and any updates or tweaks you may wish to make, we will agree on a financial plan and what the next steps are.


We will implement the plan we have agreed with you by completing all the paperwork and putting things into action.


We regularly review your investment plan and all our portfolios, and you will have an annual review with your adviser. This can be face to face, by video or phone call, whichever you prefer. We prepare and issue annual valuations and performance reports as part of this review.
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The Plutus Investment Committee

The Plutus Investment Committee (PIC) is at the heart of how we operate. Its purpose is to:
Screen all investment options
Products and funds that we already work with are reviewed regularly to ensure they are still suitable. New options are reviewed as they come on to the market to determine if they are a good fit for our clients’ needs.
Keep up to date with market developments
Daily fluctuations, unexpected incidents and world events can lead to changes in the market. In turn, these may affect investments or result in policy and regulatory changes. By tracking the market, we can act quickly when needed to keep our clients’ portfolios poised to deliver results.
Talk to fund managers
We liaise closely with fund managers, something that is managed by the PIC. This keeps us abreast of changes and ready to act on behalf of our clients where necessary.
We issue PIC Reports to our clients when there are market changes – positive or negative ones. They explain what they are, why they happen and what we could expect in the future. Where appropriate, the reports set out proposed changes for our model portfolio holders.
Ask us about the Plutus Investment Committee if you have questions. Find out more about our process and how we work with you.
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Georgina and the Plutus Wealth Management Team were recommended to me by a close friend. I met with Georgina who listened to the details of my financial situation and future plans. She thoroughly explained the short-term, medium-term and long-term financial planning options available to me. Georgina took the time to research my additional queries, without exception she came back to me quickly and always guided me through the paperwork. Georgina’s honest, professional, committed, enthusiastic and down to earth approach has completely changed my view of receiving financial advice, in fact now I am rather enthused by the whole topic and look forward to meetings and of course building my finances for the future!
Rose McCarter-Field