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With so many mortgage lenders vying for your business, it is easy to feel drained. Looking for a new mortgage or to re-mortgage an existing property is tough without the help of a mortgage advisor. When you must also wade through multiple interest rates, fees, charges and fine print, it is easy to give up and pick the one with the lowest interest rate.
There is much more to it than that. A low interest rate does not mean the best or cheapest deal. Our Plutus independent mortgage advisors have all these details at their fingertips and will work through the available products to find ones that offer the best value. They are often products only available to brokers such as Plutus. We advise on all mortgage types: residential, buy-to-let, commercial, overseas and foreign currency mortgages. We are not tied to any mortgage lender or product which means our advice is completely impartial and our referencing process is independent.
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Our mortgage advisors help you find the right mortgage by:

Identifying your needs
You tell us a little about the property and what monthly payments you can afford.
Appraising the options
We know all the latest mortgage products on the market, and our mortgage advisors will identify those that best fit your needs. Our recommendations will include products that work within your budget and offer you the best value.
Securing your mortgage
Our strong connections with all major mortgage lenders ensure the process is smooth and you get the best available rate for your budget.
Regular reviews
Our annual financial review considers the duration of your mortgage. When a product is close to expiring, we begin to search for a suitable replacement early to make the transition seamless.
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We do more than offer mortgage advice. We have an experienced team of independent financial advisers who can help with:

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I have known Ruban for 15 years and with his careful pension and tax planning, he has transformed my pension and investment plans for retirement. He knows his subject so well and is able to plan for each individual rather than the same for all of his clients. I can't praise him enough. He’s far exceeded what I expected. It has just been brilliant having Ruban there as a shepherd to my finances. I’m also very grateful to him for always responding so quickly to my contacts and being constantly pro-active in identifying ways of improving things. For example when tax rates and rules change, he identifies the best thing for me to do and arranges it for me. I genuinely sleep easier knowing my money is being looked after by him.
Mr John Bottomley