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The Plutus Wealth App is a secure online portal and money dashboard that allows you to monitor your investments from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

With The Plutus Wealth App you can track your income and expenditure from any device and get a true picture of your net worth.

It also offers a much safer and easier way to do business with us:

Electronic signatures: Say goodbye to bulky paperwork sent through the post, The Plutus Wealth App enables you to sign everything online.

Your digital filing cabinet: You can then store each file securely with the portal instead of looking for a safe place for it at home.

Secure messaging: The app enables us to exchange sensitive information securely. You’ll also receive alerts when important documents or messages are waiting to be read.

Emergency paperwork: You can also upload important documents with details about your assets, liabilities, property and insurances so that everything can be located in an emergency.

Only having to log in to one place for everything also helps to reduce the risk of online fraud and your data is always protected – The Plutus Wealth App uses bank-level security and encryption. Our mobile app is further protected with your own six-digit pin and registered to your personal device.

It’s financial peace of mind in your pocket!

You can download the app on iTunes or Android, or access via your PC desktop.