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Making investment decisions can be intimidating. There are so many options, such uncertainty and often plenty at stake. With Plutus at your side it all becomes much easier. As independent financial advisors, we are not tied to any product or platform. Our investment advice is objective and our recommendations unbiased.
When offering investment advice we consider your financial situation as a whole. We work with you to understand where you are now and what your financial goals are. We consider your attitude to risk and any previous investment experience. Once we have done that, we build an investment portfolio that matches your needs.
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Our five principles of investment

Our investment advice is based on five principles:
Risk profiles
Understanding your attitude to risk is crucial. It tells us about your concerns and ambitions. It also helps us to understand your capacity for loss. Taken together, we can better advise on the most suitable investment options.
Due diligence
We work with a variety of funds. Each undergoes extensive due diligence before we add it to our model portfolios. As part of our discretionary solutions approach, we can also perform due diligence on specific fund managers.
Well-diversified portfolios
We build diversification into all our investment portfolios. This allows us to spread risk and eliminate uncertainty as much as possible. It also means that investments are more likely to deliver the returns we expect.
The Plutus Investment Committee
Our investment framework is managed by the Plutus Investment Committee. The committee does all our due diligence work and analyses market behaviour to identify trends and changes.
Regular reviews
We regularly review our portfolios to ensure they continue to offer the best return for our clients.
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Unbiased financial planning with Plutus

While investment planning is one of our services, it is not the only one. We have a team of experienced independent financial advisors who also offer the following:

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I have been a client of Plutus Wealth for many years now and can wholly recommend their services. The company has a very personal approach which works really well for me - Ross Yiend has accommodated both my unusual work hours, staying late to meet me, but also travelling across London to see me when it’s been impossible to get to him. The portfolio generated is individualised both to my current needs and future directions with foresight and knowledge in all pertinent areas. I have never been worried as to seeking advice on anything financial-related nor with the trust I have in him. The team really are excellent.
Carla Plymen