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Each month we bring you news and information from the financial world through the Plutus blog. This includes guidance and advice on financial issues and tax planning through our Planning Series. It considers pensions and retirement plans through our Pension Series. It brings you the latest on insurance matters through our Insurance Series. Finally, it includes ad hoc advice and information on topics that we know will be of interest to our clients. Hear about it here first, then get in touch to discuss if you have any questions or would like to know more.

Plutus Insights

Taking financial stock at the end of a tumultuous year

December 2022

Taking financial stock at the end of the year will keep your finances on track. Our Plutus Wealth teams helps you do it well.

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Investing in a recession: Are ISAs a good idea?

October 2022

Is investing in an ISA in a recession right for you? Our Plutus Wealth team sets out a few things to keep in mind before deciding.

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How to keep your pension goals on track

May 2022

Keep track of your pension goals to set yourself up for a comfortable retirement with Plutus Wealth's easy pension management steps.

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Protect your pension from rising inflation

March 2022

Afraid of how inflation may affect your pension? Plutus Wealth looks at the steps you can take to protect your pension from rising inflation.

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Take advantage of your tax allowances

January 2022

With three months left in the financial year, it’s a good time to check you are making the most of your tax allowances. Plutus shows you how.

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Your end of year financial review

December 2021

Reviewing your finances makes good sense. At Plutus we recommend an end of year review to check your financial performance and start the new year well.

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Modern families, inheritance planning and when you need to pay Inheritance Tax

November 2021

Confused about when you or your family may have to pay Inheritance Tax? Our latest Plutus article explores what you need to know.

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Save or invest? Why interest rates and market performance are important

October 2021

Unsure of whether you should invest or save your money? Plutus looks at how market performance and interest rates can help to inform your decision.

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Investment in environmental, social and corporate governance: what is it and is it right for you?

September 2021

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The Pension Series: The 5 steps to take early on to set up a retirement plan

August 2021

It is never too late to plan for retirement and the earlier, the better. Plutus Wealth looks at the 5 steps to setting up a retirement plan, at any time.

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The Pension Series: 6 planning steps to take when close to retirement

July 2021

Do you know the right planning steps to take when you are close to retirement? Plutus Wealth looks at the 6 key steps to help you get ready.

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The Insurance Series: Why industry changes should not stop you taking out a policy

June 2021

Plutus Wealth reviews the Supreme Court’s insurance ruling and its benefits to policyholders and considers why you should take out insurance.

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