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A good pension advisor is one who ensures their clients’ retirement plans are robust. One whose pension advice is strategic and tailor-made, with a personal pension planning approach at its heart. We work on the principle that our clients will transition from paying into a pension to taking their money out in retirement and living comfortably. Through committed financial planning and investment management, we are with you for the entire journey, helping grow your pension pot even after retirement.
Our pension experts will work with you on your retirement plan. The sooner you can put one into place, the more comfortable you will be when you retire, or the earlier you can stop working. We will guide you through the options – from State and additional State Pensions to stakeholder pensions and other income sources. Together we can make sure you have the standard of living you want when you retire.
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This is what you can expect when our Plutus pension experts work with you on personal pension planning:

Initial discussion
We want to know if you have any current pension plans in place. We also ask about your monthly income and expenses, and any assets you may have. Finally, we review the performance of any existing pension pots and do a risk profile assessment.
Review of options
With this information we will then review the pension and investment options available to you to assess suitable products and portfolio options.
Make recommendations
We will recommend the best way forward for you based on your current status and future needs. This could be a model portfolio option or a bespoke solution. With your approval, we will put this into action.
Annual review
We review plans annually to check they are on target to deliver as expected. Where necessary, we adjust them to get back on track or to account for any changes to your circumstances.
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Retirement planning is important, but there is more to effective financial planning. At Plutus, as well as pension advice we also have the expertise and services to offer:

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I have known Ruban for 15 years and with his careful pension and tax planning, he has transformed my pension and investment plans for retirement. He knows his subject so well and is able to plan for each individual rather than the same for all of his clients. I can't praise him enough. He’s far exceeded what I expected. It has just been brilliant having Ruban there as a shepherd to my finances. I’m also very grateful to him for always responding so quickly to my contacts and being constantly pro-active in identifying ways of improving things. For example when tax rates and rules change, he identifies the best thing for me to do and arranges it for me. I genuinely sleep easier knowing my money is being looked after by him.
Mr John Bottomley