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Ruban Sanmuganathan FPFS

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Ruban Sanmuganathan FPFS
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Ruban Sanmuganathan FPFS
Chartered Financial Planner

Ruban started his career as a financial planner at American Express in 2003. Here, he gained a thorough working knowledge of how to manage the complex financial affairs of both UK and international clients. Throughout his career, he has continually striven to increase his skills and knowledge, being one of the first people in our industry to gain the gold-standard status of Chartered Financial Planner. He has worked with clients from all backgrounds and ages, taking much pleasure from providing them with constant guidance through the complexity of the financial world. He is a keen advocate of keeping things clear and simple at all times, both in the solutions he recommends and the explanations provided. Ruban has also spent much time studying the area of Behavioural Finance, which covers the psychology of people’s decision making when it comes to financial matters. He uses this to help his clients achieve their life goals when building strategies for their finances.

Having a holistic approach to giving advice, Ruban does not limit himself to looking at just one thing in isolation at a time. It’s often the case that one area of advice interlinks with others so therefore, Ruban has worked with numerous accountants and lawyers in delivering full answers for clients. He is often called on by the press for his expertise, having written articles for Telegraph and appeared on BBC Radio.

In his spare time, Ruban is an avid traveller who loves exploring the less trodden parts of the world. He’s also an avid F1 fan and his retirement dream would be to travel the world following the races.