How can an independent financial advisor help you?

September 2019

How can an independent financial advisor help you?

At the beginning of the year we talked about a new year’s resolution we hear a lot about: getting your finances in order. Not everyone can follow up on that for one reason or another, but circumstances change. Many don’t follow up because they don’t know how easy it is to do, or how beneficial it can be to get someone to help you. While it may not be for everyone, it may be ideal for you and we explore the reasons why this month. If you’re ready to take the first step then all you need to do is get in touch with our independent financial advisor team at

Independent financial advisors – what’s it all about?

There are two types of financial advisor: restricted and independent.

Restricted advisors can only give advice on a limited range of products. They will either work with a small number of providers or they will specialise in one area – say pensions or mortgages.

An independent financial advisor, or an IFA as they are often called, has no such limitations. Their job is to give an unbiased opinion about all products. They will cover a range of services – for example, pensions and mortgages amongst others – from all providers. They are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, whose job it is to protect consumers and ensure fair competition.

How does that benefit you?

Having an independent financial advisor help you with your money benefits you in 5 important ways:

1.They offer personalised advice – They will look at your finances in a holistic way. They will consider all your assets, savings, and income in order to tailor their advice to your precise needs. Whether you are looking for advice on what to do with multiple pension pots, identify the right mortgage, reduce your inheritance tax bill, or help you save for a rainy day, they will look at the big picture. Often, they will find ways to improve your finances that you may not have considered. They can do this because they have access to all products on the market from all providers. This allows them to mix and match the best ones for your circumstances.

2. They get to know you – They build a relationship with you so that they can offer you fully personalised advice and find the right products for you. Over time they will form a strong bond with their clients. With regular and continuous interactions they will get to know you, your personal situation and what you want from your money. As you grow and change, they will keep pace and stay one step ahead. What may have started with a first-home mortgage may grow into a new or bigger family, kids going to university and an impending retirement. At each milestone they can advise and guide you to make the right choices.

3. Transparent fees – Most independent financial advisors charge a percentage of the assets or investments they manage for you. This is not only clear and transparent from the outset but is also an incentive for them to get the best deal for you.

4. They don’t keep hold of your money – Your independent financial advisor will not hold on to your money. Instead, they will identify third parties with the right products for you. This means that it’s not held by the same person or organisation that advised you on how to invest it. So you can have peace of mind that your money is safe and working for you.

5. They cover everything – Independent financial advisors will have a team of specialists that can cover every aspect of financial services. That includes mortgages, investments and savings, pensions, inheritance tax planning and everything in between.

Why not try us out?

Have you put off doing anything about your finances? If yes, then delay no longer. Just give our Plutus Wealth team a call for an initial, exploratory chat. Find us on 020 7871 5200 or email us at and let’s take that first step together.


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