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Tax Planning – planning throughout the tax year rather than just at the end

6th June, 2018

At the end of last tax year we sent out our newsletter to explain the end of tax year opportunities.  However, we don’t need to wait until the end of the year to make sure we utilise our allowances.

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Final Salary Pension Transfers

7th August, 2017

Given the choice of £1.5 million now or £44,000 for life, what would you choose?

Since April 2015 Mercer has estimated that £50 billion has been transferred out of final salary pension schemes by 210,000 members.

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Buy-to-Let investors to face new restrictions on their ability to borrow

28th June, 2017

Buy-to-Let investors face the prospect of new curbs on their ability to borrow. The Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), which monitors the soundness of banks and other lenders, has recently published a consultation paper.

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Autumn Statement 2016

25th November, 2016

The UK has experienced plenty of political upheaval this year with the EU referendum followed by a change of leadership. The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, delivered his first Autumn Statement on 23 November– which also turned out to be his last.

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What does it mean to be a Chartered Financial Adviser

11th August, 2016

The title Chartered Financial Planner is the most widely accepted “gold standard” qualification available for professional financial planners/ financial advisers in the United Kingdom. Only about 10% of Financial Advisers hold this title; those that do are the most qualified professionals in addition to having the best experience.

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Questions you should ask a financial adviser

5th August, 2016

Don’t feel embarrassed. You’re potentially going to be transacting a lot of money via this person, so you have every right to ask questions and make sure you’re confident in your decision.

Usually your first meeting with a financial adviser is free, so you’re under no pressure to use them if you’re not impressed, or you simply don’t ‘click’.

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Pension rule changes

17th February, 2015

As we approach the end of the tax year and the impending changes to pension rules on April 5th, one of our advisers Tom Dean, talks us through the important points.


On retirement individuals typically crystalised a 25% tax free lump sum and drew an income from the remainder (via drawdown or annuity). From April, those over age 55 will be able to access money purchase pensions in their entirety.

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End of Tax Year Planning

17th February, 2015

We are approaching the end of the tax year so now is the time to start considering what you need to do. There are many options and of course these depend on your circumstances but below we have highlighted just a few of the key things you may want to consider before the 5th April 2015.

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An end to compulsory annuities…

15th May, 2014

Contrary to the headline that many of the news agencies have been running with annuities have not been compulsory since 1995. What the chancellor has done in the 2014 Budget, is to remove barriers and facilitate easier access to the alternative forms of pension income which are already in existence, opening them up to a far greater audience.

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