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Gold Standard Award for Independent Financial Advice


Plutus Wealth LLP is an award winning Independent Financial Advisers based in central London.

We provide independent advice and wealth management to companies and individuals. We have a diverse range of clients and specialise in those new to financial planning. Plutus brings together experienced, able and highly regarded individuals, our emphasis is on building strong, long lasting, personal relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on giving a fresh perspective to clients and their financial affairs.

Financial Planning Documents Library

Seeking Financial Advice

Find out why you should seek financial advice and how to choose a financial adviser.

Autumn Statement 2016

Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Statement will also be his last. Discover the highlights by downloading our summary.

Download: Autumn Statement 16

Defined Benefit Schemes

In a Defined Benefit (DB) pension scheme the amount of annual pension that a member will receive in retirement is dictated by a predetermined formula.

Download: Defined Benefit Schemes

Defined ContributionSchemes

Defined contribution (DC) pension schemes, also known as money purchase schemes, are so called as the size of your pension pot at retirement is dependent on the size of the contributions you make during your lifetime and the investment growth you achieve on those contributions.

Download: Defined Contribution Schemes

Inheritance Tax Planning
Inheritance tax is a tax which arises on the death of an individual. It is a tax on the estate, or total value of the money and property, of a person who has died.

Download: Inheritance Tax Planning

Venture Capital Trusts

Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) are classified as higher risk investments and have deservedly received a mixed press due to their widely varying performance. However, there are two types of VCTs – ‘Evergreen’ and ‘Limited Life’.

Download: Venture Capital Trusts